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Fresh and Elegant Artificial Hedge Wall We know it’s normally to regard such words like ecology, low-carbon and environmental-friendly as key points in measuring quality of wall decoration materials. But actually green is the leading color this year since desire to return back nature still exist when we sit in the office with comfort and convenience that high-tech brings. So designers try their best to put green materials into decoration plan, such as setting several green potted plant and installing artificial green wall. Artificial hedge wall is made from artificial hedges which is a kind of new organic ecology provided for architecture design and decoration. According to different environment situations, we could design various kinds of wall structure. Artificial green wall will be more beautiful through well-designed and decorated with lights. We adopts structure of grid bottom and top with leaf and flower to create a living environment close to nature. Our products are equipped with leaves and flowers in changeable soft curve to give people beauty of rhythm. Sunwing newest artificial hedge wall can not only absorb formaldehyde but also release negative ions, which bring great advantages that other wallpaper or art can’t do. The only thing you need to do is to sit in and enjoy the green feast. From: http://www.fakefence.com/ProView.asp?ProId=260

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