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Interiorscape.com is a free community forum dedicated to fostering growth in the interiorscaping industry by hosting open discussions, which allows for the sharing of ideas, industry news, and even constructive criticism.

'Scapers will be able to keep up on the latest industry news and trends and use the forum to answer questions and discover new ideas. This industry is emerging from tough times, but by working together, we can all succeed. We look forward to your comments and ideas to help improve the site.

The primary objective of this site is to remain the "GO-TO" place for all things "Interiorscape." There will be links for relevant industry organizations. Upcoming nationwide events will be highlighted to help you plan your trips. Informative articles discussing current trends and issues will be a goal in the future. The highly popular Forum will be available for you to ask questions and learn from other members' questions.

This is a user's forum and we attempt to moderate the content as little as possible.

We are looking for any and all suggestions to make this site a resource center that helps all members succeed in their business. Feel free to email the team at [email protected].

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Welcome to our Interiorscape forum for Interiorscapers, Vendors, Suppliers, Florists, Interior Designers, Special Event Planners, Educators and Students!

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