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How many applications of artificial grass? For landscaping, for sports field... Have you tried out other applications? If not, may the above cute application of artificial grass can give you some inspiration, it is the world map, artificial-grass-world-map For those who wants this world map in the house, the following simple steps will help you get one easily and quickly, 1) Fix the design idea and get a world map with right size ready choose your favorite artificial grass with required size. 2) Cut the grass with scissor according to the world map, and have the world map shape grass mat. In this step, brain cells needs full work to make the perfect grass map. 3) After the artificial grass map is ready, use the silicon sealant fix the grass map on the wall. 4) Make some changes and adjustment to make the map match the whole wall, and additional adornment can also be done in this step to complete. 5) Just have a short relax to enjoy your perfect work. From: http://www.sunwinggrass.com/product/cuteapplicationofartificialgrass.html

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