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Posted:  24 Mar 2016 23:00  
I wondered if the standard bracket will fit the wood rounded top on old partions?
Posted:  26 Mar 2016 00:33  
It's always a customization project when you encounter what Barb Helfman would call "zebra" furnishings in some offices.  The brackets were designed to fit the vast majority of popular brands of office partitions in use in the 80s, 90s and beyond, but there have been a lot of funky styles and sizes introduced more recently that aren't always a perfect fit with the old brackets.  Too wide, too narrow, whatever.  I've torn them apart and re-drilled them and what-not to make them fit non-standard sized partitions, but it's a lot of work for relatively low return unless you're doing fifty or a hundred of them at a time.  Why not post a photo of your partition molding and we'll have a look and see what's up.
Posted:  26 Mar 2016 02:12  
Thanks Clem, I am out of town now but will post one when I get back.  There are around 70 of them, so definitely worth it.  Excited for this large of a bid. Thanks again.

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