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Posted:  11 Jan 2017 02:13  
We are looking for a software package that will make the routing of the
technicians easier and a better method for not mistakenly omitting an account.

Does anyone have a good method for computing the routes, which tech will have
the accounts, and the most efficient route to take.

Posted:  14 Jan 2017 20:29  
We haven't bought any software to do this, and it depends on how many routes and techs you have as to whether it's worth buying some, because there are always issues of customization that go into any off-the-rack software package.

What we have always done since we've had computers (1980s?) is to use Excel to produce weekly route sheets that show the date of service of each account on each daily trip, time in and time out, plus any comments or requests that the tech wants to submit.  It works just fine, and it minimizes paperwork but still gives you accountability and enough detail to run your routes smoothly.

As for routing for time efficiency, that also will depend on your accounts, frequency of service visits, special needs for time of day (this usually applies to residential accounts), and your geographic area.  If you already have grouped accounts by area, you can route them (i.e., put them in the most efficient order) using MapQuest Route Planner, a free website that organizes each day's stops in the most efficient order (fastest time, shortest distance, etc.).  Then you can just use that routing order to formulate your route schedule spreadsheets in Excel.

Works for me.

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