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Posted:  11 Jan 2011 19:43  
What do I have to do to upload images?
Posted:  11 Jan 2011 19:50  
When you first login click on the "my Pics" selection, and then you can browse on your hard drive. You have to do it that way then you can click "Add Your Photo" to choose from your pool of photos to add in a discussion.

if you click "Image" you can only add something with a website link.

Posted:  11 Jan 2011 21:18  
can we give ourselves avatar pics??  Curious!
Posted:  11 Jan 2011 23:46  
good question I messaged "admin"
Posted:  12 Jan 2011 00:37  
I'm looking forward to seeing photo postings.
I'm new to this industry and would desparately appreciate any ideas people out there have for plant installations. It really helps to look at other scapers ideas.
Posted:  13 Jan 2011 04:40  
can we post up avatars!??
Posted:  15 Jan 2011 15:42  
Hi all

Avatars are not allowed at this time because it severely slows down the performance of the forum software we run.

Here's the panel you use to upload pics: http://www.interiorscape.com/index.php?a=imag ...

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