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Posted:  16 Jul 2011 01:23  
local wholesale supplier has become too expensive. anyone know a poinsettia grower that delivers to Texas?
Posted:  16 Jul 2011 16:39  
Just Google "Texas poinsettia grower" and you'll find sites aplenty, like this one, for example:

http://www.ellisonsgreenhouses.com/download_f ...

There's a link to download their poinsettia wholesale order form with prices.  Couldn't be simpler!

Posted:  17 Sep 2013 22:23  
Ellisons has been bought over. Does anyone know of a supplier that grows poinsettias in a non soil medium like peat moss or coco peat?
Posted:  27 Sep 2013 19:17  
I don't know of any commercial grower of any size who still grows poinsettias in "soil".  Peat-lite mixes and peat-coir mixes are standard nowadays.  Where are you located?

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