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Posted:  19 Aug 2015 19:16  
Has anyone used the green wall system designed by DIRTT? It looks pretty good, using 6" plants, capillary wicks and not needing a whole irrigation system connected to the plumbing. Am wondering about the overflow coming out the end which they just show with a pail catching it and if the water rests in the trays long enough for the wicks to do take up enough water.
Posted:  20 Aug 2015 01:39  
Appears almost identical to ASI's system, with the exception of the overflow.  I can't seem to download the ASI brochure from their website, but I'm pretty sure they're just rectangular planter boxes tilted on an angle within their frame.  No overflows between individual troughs.  If I'm wrong, it's because the literature isn't very well-detailed in terms of diagrams showing the construction and design of the modules.

I like the GSky SmartWall freestanding units because all the works are contained in a hidden cabinet space underneath the wall itself (pump, water reservoir, solenoid valve and so forth).  You just pop in the 4" potted plants into the molded wall tiers and you're ready to go. 
http://shop.gsky.com/all-products/living-gree ...
Posted:  20 Aug 2015 02:23  
I'm not too familiar with the DIRTT system, sorry.

The ASI trays are very simple, but they work great and they're by far the least expensive solution. Each tray has to be watered individually and there is no frame around the trays (unless you have one built) so it can look unfinished from the side. Bill Lyon at Plant-TecH20 makes a nice modified version of the ASI trays including a mounting system and irrigation system.

But, don't forget to check out the Suite Plants LivePanel living wall system too

Our system also uses capillary wicks and does not need an irrigation system. However, we use 4" plant material instead of 6" so that the living wall has a slimmer profile (i.e. the bigger the plant, the bigger the root ball and the more the living wall has to "stick out" off the underlying wall). LivePanel also comes with a decorative frame around the wall to give it a finished look.

I would be happy to send you some more information on our Suite Plants LivePanel system or a price quote for any living wall projects you're working on. Just let me know if there's anything I can help you with.

Posted:  20 Aug 2015 19:17  
We have used the ASI and GSky wall systems. The ASI is great for small walls when being able to mount the individual trays and manually water each tray.  For a more finished look, they have their plant cases but they are a pretty thick gauge fiberglass and are heavy! We are trying to figure out right now about whether we dare use them for a different project when adding up the weight of water, the case and plants.
The GSky system is great for big walls but has to hook up to a city water system, have room from a water tank at the base etc.  Their wall unit requires quite a bit of room for the tank also even though it needs no water hookup.

So the DIRTT, PLANT TECH2O or Suite systems could be good solutions but am still wondering about the excess water at the end along with other details. So I'm still open to hearing from any nonbiased users about the functionality and appearance of the respective last 3 systems. Thanks!
Posted:  20 Aug 2015 20:44  
I don't know if you know anyone from Plantscape, Inc. out of Pittsburgh, PA, but they use the DIRTT system.  They could probably answer your questions.
Posted:  21 Aug 2015 03:41  
every system has pluses and minuses!

it really always depends upon the budget, application, how early or late you get in on the project and then it ALL comes back to budget!!

no matter ow early you get in, if the budget is only $95 a sq ft, you're not going to be able to install a system that has "hard-wired" irrigation and automated irrigation and a drainage trough.

we have experience with greenwalls from McCaren, LivePicture from SuitePlants, Trays and Portraits from ASI, Plug & Play from GLTi and even Woolly Pockets. haven't done a DIRTT yet...

they are all good systems, and which you would use depend upon budget and application.

whatever system you work with be sure to stress to your prospect that MAINTENANCe is a crucial component of a successful living wall.

they WILL NOT maintain themselves as many of the system manufacturers may allude to.
Posted:  21 Aug 2015 16:41  
I think that maintenance of a greenwall is probably even more tedious than "regular" tech work.  Because many of these installations consist of fine-textured plants and plants with vigorous growth habits and foliar turnover, there is a lot more grooming and cleanup to servicing these than with standalone or even atrium bed plantings. 

Anyone who has had the pleasure of maintaining even a few pots of Fittonia, Pilea, or any kind of fern will know what I'm talking about.  It's no fun.
Posted:  22 Sep 2015 03:48  
Thanks, everyone. All helpful information. We agree about the importance of maintenance, especially pinching back and pest control. Clients love them, though!
Posted:  22 Dec 2015 20:26  
I know this is a few years later from these posts but I am new to this forum site, what a great tool and resource. 

I have been working with the DIRTT system (Breathe) for a little over 2 years now and it's a great system.  You don't have to hook up to any plumbing, it's watered by a pressurized water tank called the Water Boy and as far as the excess drainage I do that manually.  The wall I do takes about 2.5 tanks full of the Water Boy and I have just gotten to know the individual wall.  While I'm grooming the plants I am slowly filling the troughs and I just know when it's going to be the right amount.  I put a bucket at the bottom and a small amount comes out at the end but it finishes trickling before I leave. 

I suppose you could add a more attractive overflow trough at the very bottom if you don't want to wait around for it to stop and to hide the tube. 

Other than that it's a very attractive module for indoors.  They designed it for any wall but it mounts perfectly to their DIRTT walls, it was an addition for their sales of their regular wall unit. 

I am also interested in selling the GSky and Suite Plants modules to my clients, I am just starting a business selling and maintaining walls and want to offer different modules.  I am also looking into Modulogreen from By Nature Design.  I am going to check out a GSky unit in the Mall of America this weekend at the LL Bean store just to see it installed and working.

Any feedback on these modules would be greatly appreciated.  I will start another forum about this as well.

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