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Posted:  20 Feb 2015 21:58  
The designer in an architect firm with whom I have worked on several projects, is asking for the name and websites for two  container manufacturers I have used quite a bit. I have 2 current proposals using these manufacturers for the architect firm at the moment. I suspect this new request is because another office design firm is involved also in one of the projects, so there are probably markups going on all over the place. I am tempted to tell her to go do her own homework if they are thinking of skipping me as a middle person but don't want to totally alienate her. I know that they won't get the same wholesale price that I do but any other suggestions about how to handle this?
Posted:  21 Feb 2015 14:21  
contact the supplier and provide them with as much info as you can about the design companies, name, persons name etc...and project(s) you specified for.

if they are reputable, they will protect you
Posted:  21 Feb 2015 16:19  
Did you make the mistake of using the container manufacturer's name or the item name in your proposal?  In other words, did you specify "Gainey Ceramics Portofino Half-Round Planters" when you should probably have used a generic term that would not have identified the product so precisely?  We use terms like "European Round" or "Tapered Square" instead of "Lechuza Classico" or "Lechuza Quadro" to inhibit back-door shopping by clients and prospective clients.  We also will sometimes remove the labels from the planters prior to installation and never bring the cartons to the job site if they contain the manufacturer's name printed on them.  You get my drift.
Posted:  20 Mar 2015 13:51  
Thank you for your replies. I do not include manufacturer's names in proposals, hence the direct request from the designer for their names. I did go to the suppliers and one replied that they would tell the designer if they were approached,  that we were their rep and to go through us. The other manufacturer said that they do sell to architects but at much less of a wholesale discount.

It appears that they are going with us for the 2 projects in question but I worry about future projects. I see on social media that another interiorscaper is connected with this architect firm. May I just say that if the question originated with the other interiorscaper, shame on them for not doing their own homework!
Posted:  20 Mar 2015 15:32  
I'm sure the architects make a point of not putting all their eggs in one basket and deal with multiple vendors for various product and service categories they use in their business.  So don't take it personally that there's another interiorscaper (or two or three) that they consult with about projects.  It's always good to shop around, but they should know that they need to invest their own elbow grease in doing so and not put the arm on you to do their homework for them.
Posted:  20 Mar 2015 16:22  
I tiptoe around the issue, when asked, and say that my vendors are part of what you get when you hire me.  I say that I worked hard to sort through who are the best and that they can get the benefit of that investment by hiring me.  Most people do not have the nerve to push it past that, but there is occasionally a rude idiot who insists.
Posted:  20 Mar 2015 20:55  
As a container supplier I echo Alex's comment above. Call your container supplier and provide them with their name so they can be aware of the situation if the architect calls them directly. Very few of our customers do this, but we do make a note and protect our interiorscape customers best when they keep us in the loop.

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