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Interiorscape Forum / Scaper Talk Discussion Forum / Suppliers and Vendors / What is the NAICS Code for Interiorscaping??
Posted:  07 Apr 2012 05:15  
The closest I came was the code for Landscaping 561730. THANKS!!
Posted:  07 Apr 2012 07:13  
How about the SIC Code....
7389-91: Plants, Interior Design & Maintenance

Rick W
Posted:  07 Apr 2012 18:27  
Different entities ask for different codes...SIC, NAICS, NIGP...our NIGP code for "Plant maintenance, indoor" is 91061, and then there are our NIGP commodity codes for "Plants/indoor" (59561), "Decorative plant containers" (59540), "Horticultural consulting" (91862) and "Flowers, fresh" (59528).   The Primary NAICS code for "Landscaping Services" is 561730; the Primary SIC code for "Ornamental Shrub and Tree Services" is 0783; the Secondary NAICS code for "Florists" is 453110; the Secondary SIC code for "Ornamental Floriculture and Nursery Products" is 0181, for "Flowers, Nursery Stock, and Florists' Supplies" is 5193, and for "Florists" is 5992.


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