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Posted:  17 May 2011 05:56  
I would like some input on watering machines.  I am looking for one that is easy to load/unload into a small SUV and that is going to be reliable. Would you please include the drawbacks/benefits and where to purchase the machine you are recommending. Thanks!
Posted:  17 May 2011 15:26  
There are three major manufacturers of watering machines for the interiorscape industry. 

I am a big fan of Aquamate (www.americangranby.com) because their stuff is solid and durable, although the watering wands are not the best, but you can "customize" that aspect of the unit by substituting a Dramm wand.  We have some #3's that are over a decade old or more that are still going strong.  The main drawback is weight...because their tanks are steel, they are somewhat heavy to lift.

WaterBoy makes watering machines using lightweight fiberglass tanks.  They feature the Dramm waterwand with "no-drip" flexible tip, which is a great item for use with any tank system.  However, their frames are not the sturdiest in my experience, and they are bulky, clumsy and hard to lift into a vehicle, as well as being tough to maneuver in tight spaces in offices.  The tank itself is a godsend, and we have stripped our tank from its frame and retrofitted it onto the more streamlined Aquamate frame to create what we feel is the best of both worlds in terms of light weight, durability and maneuverability.

The third is the Tanks-a-Lot.  Our techs hate them.  They have lightweight, fiberglass tanks, but the frames are very flimsy and the casters don't work well after awhile.  The coiled water hose is a nightmare, and the wands are not good.

These are my personal opinions and the opinions of our techs over the years.  I personally use a #3 Aquamate when covering for techs.  Enough said.

Posted:  17 May 2011 17:42  
I prefer the tanksalot because of the weight and ease of loading into either a car or van.  I have all 3 tanks and keep the water boys in my accounts where I can store them, basically larger accounts, but I don't like to load them, too heavy and bulky.  We have tanksalots that are over 10 years old, no problem.  My techs love them. Do need to use dramm water wands though. They all leak after a while.
Posted:  18 May 2011 05:16  
Clem--Would I need to buy both the Aquamate and the Water Boy tanks to do the retrofit you describe?  Could someone with limited tool knowhow be able to do the retrofit?
Posted:  18 May 2011 18:43  
Yes, it's pretty easy to do.  You can probably buy a replacement fiberglass tank and put that on an existing used Aquamate frame with no difficulty if you're handy.

Posted:  13 Feb 2012 21:46  
Hi Clem,

It's been many years since you've bought a WaterBoy,
I know, because I make them.  I believe you got one of the early prototypes. FYI, A lot of improvements have been make since then and the frames have been reinforced.  I also now have 13 different models to chose from, both Metal and Fiberspun, as well as Utility Cart versions and the SafeScape Watering Can.
Please check out my website. www.thewaterboy.net

Thanks Clem

Best regards,
Bill Lyon
Posted:  14 Feb 2012 02:40  
Hi, Bill,
Will do...I love the lightweight tanks and the wands (which we now sell in our garden center, from Dramm) you supply with them.  I'll take a second look, but to be truthful, our Aquamates last so long and are so easy to repair, I haven't had the need to buy a new one in years!

Posted:  21 Mar 2013 22:16  
Ok, it's been a while since we needed watertanks replaced or added to.  What's the good news, and bad news on what is available NOW, not in 2011!  We too are fans of the Aquamates.
Posted:  22 Mar 2013 15:48  
I'm sure the manufacturers of the other brands will chime in with their improvements, but the Aquamate is basically the same unit as in 2011, with some minor accessories being changed/added.  Still a great longterm investment.  Ours are over 15 years old and still going strong.
Posted:  07 Aug 2013 07:14  
I also like the tanks-a-lot and find it lightweight and easy to use.I have had my 3 for over 15 years with no major problems.
Posted:  13 Aug 2013 02:23  
Love the tank, hate the hose and the frame (but I think I'm repeating myself there).

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