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Posted:  24 Jan 2011 02:55  
doing a sales call shortly.  Customer wants a "wall" to help with noise.  I'm thinking of trying out some of the wall planters.  Haven't had the need to get them yet.  Many times planters are chosen by designers or architects "for" me.  So, with that...what have you folks used, do you like them, are the coasters worth the funds?  Do your customers like them?

Looking at Architectural Supplements wall planters at the moment.

Any others out there?
Posted:  24 Jan 2011 04:19  
Haven't tried them yet, partly because of clients' tight budgets and misgivings about the integrity and water-tightness of the various products now on the market, and partly because of the very different cultural requirements for each type of system.  I'm holding off until I can get good, solid experience info from people whose opinions I value and trust before taking that plunge. 

My thinking is that the ASI or Terrascreen systems, which basically use potted 6" material in watertight cachepots angled on a supporting panel to create a vertical greenwall, are probably the best fit for us at this point.  Some other systems require direct-planting in the greenwall support grid and utilize automated watering systems that run several times a day in the absence of any supervision by contractor personnel, which would tend to make many people nervous...at any rate, I'd rather not be a "beta-tester" for technologies that are too cutting-edge, thank you.  At least not on a real account!

Posted:  24 Jan 2011 04:20  
what "wall Planters" does ASI have? don't see any on there website
Posted:  24 Jan 2011 16:09  
You will have to decide the size material that you want to use.  Some walls are designed for 6" plant material and some more for 3" and 4".  Although the 6" plants are more readily available, with a more diverse selection, my impression is that the ones designed for the smaller material allow for more artistic freedom in design.

Posted:  24 Jan 2011 23:32  

I couldn't find them on the ASI site yet, either, but they had them on display at TPIE last week, according to folks who saw them there.  They are very similar to the Tournesol TerraScreen interior greenwall system, which also uses a support grid filled with cachepots situated at an angle to display the tops of the plants toward the viewer:

http://www.tournesolsiteworks.com/products/gr ...

I believe Planterra came up with the prototype for that kind of greenwall system, if I'm not mistaken.

Posted:  27 Jan 2011 21:18  
ASI did indeed introduce a Living Wall at TPIE last week.  Although this product was in development for some time it launched at TPIE with no less than five models on display.  There was a lot of plantscaper enthusiasm for this new item at the show.  I would be happy to share images and specifications with anyone that wishes to contact me directly @ bill@asiearthforms.com.
Posted:  28 Jan 2011 03:00  
I think the ASI wall looks great and very simple to maintain and install. The price point is good and replacements would be a breeze. I cant wait to use it!
Posted:  13 Sep 2011 05:22  
I have seen some fabric pockets for making green walls. Does anyone know a source and have you tried them
Posted:  14 Sep 2011 00:29  

Go Here; http://www.woollypocket.com

Rick W
Posted:  17 Sep 2011 03:45  
oh i love that plants on walls and hope my clients wish for me to make such an arrangemnt for them at some future time
Posted:  27 Sep 2011 00:03  
Has anyone tried the Wally pocket? Would love to see one installed inside.
Posted:  28 Sep 2011 00:11  
Woolly Pocket is basically a small-scale version of the concept behind the Nedlaw biowall (such as the huge one at the new Drexel University integrated sciences building in Philly where my son Zak just started as a freshman EnviroSci major)...fabric pockets that hold the rootballs of the plants in the living wall.  Have not tried them yet myself (a bit too 70s-hippie-plant-shop for my taste), but I know others have and like them for certain applications.


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