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Posted:  25 Jul 2011 22:15  
So I have one of those clients who knows exactly what she wants, and she wants a 24" square teak planter for indoors. I am finding all the retail garden supply stuff on line but am looking for a wholesaler preferrably in the Northeast (shipping!). Does anyone have any supplliers in mind?
Posted:  25 Jul 2011 23:18  
Not really.  The vast majority of teak planters have been designed for casual outdoor living use, not upscale interiors, although there may be some Scandinavian versions on the market (in Europe, anyway) that would fit your client's needs better.  Teak isn't one of the more popular wood finishes for office interiors (which is what most commercial planters are designed to fit)...cherry, walnut, maple, oak and mahogany are much more available.  Wood planters fell out of favor some time ago, and only a few manufacturers featured wood in their planter lines until recently, when bamboo became the trendy "green" wood alternative.

Posted:  27 Jul 2011 14:26  
Yeah, I wouldn't put teak inside either, but this is a funny little lobby with exposed brick and harsh conditions and she knows what she wants! I'm just Googling away... thanks!

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