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Posted:  21 Oct 2014 23:20  
Hi All:

Any recommendations for plant brokers/suppliers in Southern California? I am coming from NY and would appreciate any leads for small orders.

Many Thanks!
Posted:  22 Oct 2014 16:20   Last Edited By: PapaNewPro 
Here's a source for native wholesalers in California...


Also check out Mountain View Nursery...

Posted:  14 Jan 2015 08:30  
Hi Plantworks!

I have found A&G Nurseries in San Marcos: http://agnurseries.com/index.html

Also in Huntington Beach: http://southwestwholesalenursery.com/

Good prices but not all that you would need.  There are a lot of nurseries so I would just google map wholesale nurseries around your location.  I was surprised to find many nurseries so close to me and I didn't even know they existed in the first place!! Good luck...Amber

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