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Posted:  31 Jul 2012 15:17  
I was wondering if Primescape Products is still in business...  If you call them all you get is voice mail and no return phone call. I tried to order some containers through email and didn't get a response from that either.  Has anyone else had this problem?

Pam Reynolds
Pam's Plants
Posted:  31 Jul 2012 18:20  
Ambius owns Primescape Products.  They no longer have true customer service people.  Ambius people take up the slack of any messages left.  Don't be surprised if there is a delay in response, but I have always eventually gotten a return email.  They are basically now geared towards supporting their own divisions.

Posted:  01 Aug 2012 02:33  
how sucky is that!
Posted:  02 Aug 2012 22:43  
I've not posted here before so I'm not sure if I'm doing this right.  Does anyone know whether ChemSupply is still in business? We've ordered tech supplies from them for years but I can't seem to get a live person on the phone and their e-mail undress won't come up.
Posted:  02 Aug 2012 22:44  
e-mail undress - Freudian slip??  Correction to e-mail address.
Posted:  03 Aug 2012 00:00  
Huh, I see that all links to their website are now dead...maybe a technical glitch?  If I'm not mistaken, they had a warehouse clearance sale awhile back prior to moving from their original location to Florida...I found a page mention about them with phone and address in Broward County here:

http://www.alltheflorida.com/Local/Florida/Mi ...

Happy hunting!

Posted:  03 Aug 2012 00:03  
chem is very much in business. email is planter@aol.com phone is 800 433 0810
Posted:  03 Aug 2012 00:13  
They moved to Charlotte, N.C. They use the website www.InnovativePlanterSolutions.com.  They have a very nice container catalog without prices that is helpful with clients who want a cross-section of containers from which to choose. 1-800-433-0810.

Sorry, New-Pro, this website's owners. Don't mean to advertise for the competition, just answering a question.

Posted:  03 Aug 2012 04:57  
Have to wonder how  committed Primescape  is to selling to interiorscapers when the latest posting on their website was from September of last  year.  Also, ambius was a stand alone division of Rentokil until they just recently merged ambius with their pest control division.  I believe Jeff Mariola, who headed ambius for years, is no longer with the company.
Not sure if pest control and plantscaping is a good mix in my opinion. Anyone remember Orkin Plantscaping......?
Posted:  03 Aug 2012 14:50  
Primescape is like the BX for Fort Ambius, supplying their branches as a distributor of containers, supplies, etc.  They also sell to the rest of us peons, but since Bob Skillings retired some years ago, it's not the same.

Jeff Mariola is very much "with the company"...he's listed on his LinkedIn page as "Divisional Managing Director at Ambius" based in the greater Chicago area.  I know because he invited me to join his LinkedIn connections group awhile back.  I asked him what possible use it could be to either of us, and Jeff replied that "you never know when an opportunity to help another colleague might appear".  So far, I don't think I've ever had that opportunity on LinkedIn since it began, with ANYBODY.  That said, it's nice to be popular!

Posted:  03 Aug 2012 14:55  
That is a nice catalog!  And it has a great array of finish choices, too.  I'm a little confused as to why the name change wasn't ever advertised on either of the forums, though.  That's a big switch after so many years as ChemSupplyCo. (which admittedly was a confusing and inappropriate name for an interiorscape supply outfit), and it doesn't turn up in any search I've tried on the old name.  Curious.

Posted:  04 Aug 2012 01:21  
chem hasnt change their name. that website is a service they provide so you can show your clients there containers without it been there website. i think newpro has one to, but cant think of the name now
Posted:  04 Aug 2012 04:38  
Just like Primescape has not updated their site, ambius has not updated their site. Jeff Mariola is no longer in charge of ambius and is leaving/left the company.  I agree about LinkedIn
Posted:  04 Aug 2012 16:28  
Alien23, just one little question: when you do your "business coaching", do you use an English-language interpreter so your clients can understand what the hell you're talking about???

Posted:  06 Aug 2012 22:45  
I just got a call back from ChemSupply, so they are still there.  Yay!  Also,I faxed an order to Primescape (Ambius) Aug. 2, 2012 and they called me the next day with questions about the order, one main item being that the minimum order is $200.00 or else they tack on a $25 charge.  Granted, not the best system for a business but they are still in business as well.
Posted:  06 Aug 2012 23:04  
Many suppliers have a minimum order of $200.00 for shipping, so that's not out of the ordinary.  Look at it this way: picking one 16" floor planter out of the warehouse takes about the same amount of labor as a whole case does.

Posted:  16 Aug 2012 15:06  
Just to follow up, I got a LinkedIn update on Jeff Mariola today...he is now Chief Experience Officer with a company called ISH Productions, Inc. that "provides business professionals personalized learning experiences that inspires them to take action by giving them tools and insights that will lift them to actualize their success". 


Posted:  21 Aug 2012 05:28  
We're still here also (26 years), as an alternative supplier, with no minimum order, however gave up carrying containers about 15 years ago.


There is also a "new kid on the block" that carry a large line of containers in Chicago called  GTI Plantscaping Products


Rick W.

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