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Posted:  22 Jun 2015 18:50  
Hi all,

unfortunately we have to use silks for a big project we are doing. I was wondering who you all use for supplies. We have worked with autograph but it seems they may not have everything we need. Any suggestions?

thanks in advance!
Posted:  25 Jun 2015 03:55  
For larger material, Mall Silks has good quality and a pretty extensive selection, as well as smaller vines, floor plants, tabletops and other types of plants.  I'm drawing a blank on other national manufacturers right now, but you should be able to Google some. 

We use Autograph for most of our holiday and everyday silks, but we really don't sell a lot of silk foliage anymore.  Thank God.
Posted:  29 Jun 2015 15:50   Last Edited By: greenieB 
We use Commercial Silk Int'l They build small floor plants to custom large-scale trees, provide bulk foliage sales and even offer installation worldwide. They have a much better selection than Autograph or Maysilk for fire retardant and UV stable products. They do a lot of work for Disney too.
Posted:  30 Jun 2015 14:53  
In looking at the Commercial Silk Int'l site, it is the same company as Mall Silks, just a different name.
Posted:  14 Feb 2017 22:59  
Julie, we are not the same ;-)
www.mallsilks.com is based in Pittsburgh, PA
[url=www.mallsilks.com]Mall Silks website[/url]
Posted:  04 Apr 2017 09:19  
Thanks for sharing the information

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