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Posted:  24 Jun 2011 23:38  
Does anyone know where I can get inexpensive indoor resin planters with drainage trays on the bottom.  Thanks
Posted:  25 Jun 2011 06:50  
Color, shape, size, location etc...?
Posted:  25 Jun 2011 14:11  
Looking for neutral colored hard plastic round planters. If anyone can suggest an alternative that would be great. The client simply wants something that allows drainage because he tends to overwater his plants. He has existing plants that he wants directly repotted in containers.
Posted:  25 Jun 2011 14:18  
Avoid those snap-on-saucer plastic pots like the plague that they are.  They went out with the Model T...subirrigation is the solution to your overwatering problems.  There is no leakage or drainage to worry about, the system "decides" when to release water from the reservoir to the plant, and you can then choose any sort of decorative container into which the subirrigation container will fit.

Plastic pots with saucers are okay outdoors, where the overflow from the saucer won't damage any finished surfaces or flood the floor and cause a slip-and-fall hazard.  But in 2011, they are dinosaurs if we're talking indoor spaces.


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