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Posted:  08 Mar 2014 10:02  
Dear everybody,

I have just finished a MOBILE PLANTER. So I would like to introduce it to you for reference and comment.

The mobile (movable) planter is made of Stone or glass for outer part. The inner part contains soil to grow plant. We can put the inner part into and take it out easily. I design this character for changing plants.
Inside I put a plastic box for containing leaking water coming out from soil.

I do not how to post its photo for your looking. Please guide me the way or your can visit website : www.stonebridgevietnam.com.

Thanks for your reading.


Hoang Trong Vinh

Posted:  08 Mar 2014 20:20  
Try this to upload photos to this site:

http://www.interiorscape.com/index.php?a=imag ...
Posted:  09 Mar 2014 13:07  

Thank you Clem for your guidance.
Posted:  10 Mar 2014 00:42  
You're quite welcome.  Nice-looking planter in the photo.  Please post some other different styles.  We're always looking for "something different" for our clients.

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