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Posted:  28 Mar 2012 04:16  
An architect is specing metal square planters for one of our clients. Like the ones that Architectural Supplements used to supply. I am trying to convince them to use fiberglass but they want a very clean lean square, not tapered, in silver or brush chrome finish.  I am beginning talks with Architectural Brass but can't find any other options. Any ideas?
Posted:  28 Mar 2012 15:01  
http://www.allied-molded.com/products/groupDe ...
Posted:  28 Mar 2012 16:49  
Thanks, Clem! It looks as they do not provide them in the chrome finish my designer wants but am waiting to hear back. I guess metal prices have gone wacko and most everyone is getting out of the business of metal planters.
Posted:  29 Mar 2012 15:31  
You can always request custom finish info from a manufacturer...it will cost more than the stock finishes, but if you need metallic, you need metallic, right?


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