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Posted:  01 Mar 2011 22:17  
Hi Everyone!

I'm just getting started in this industry.

Could someone please direct me to the best method of locating a supplier for plants? Is there an industry list available somewhere?

I'm in Wisconsin and have learned the best plants are coming from FL, CA, Hawii, and TX. Is it best to order wholesale from?


Posted:  02 Mar 2011 01:06  
there are some industry resources listed at www.interiorplantscaper.com
Posted:  02 Mar 2011 02:47  
Contact some of the better interiorscape nurseries in Florida (there is a directory published by the FNGLA and available online) or California and ask them for their distributors near you.  Simple as that.

Posted:  04 Mar 2011 00:20  
Thanks Alex and Clem!

I"ll try out both ideas.

Posted:  17 Aug 2011 20:24  
Call Judy 1-877-262-6969 At Morning Dew--she is the greatest!
Posted:  17 Aug 2011 23:43  
Yes, if you're not ordering large enough loads to deal directly with each nursery, a good foliage broker can be your best friend, your eyes and ears and your go-fer when looking for that elusive cultivar for a special job.  Morning Dew is one of the best from all I've heard, and John Mendozza is a terrific guy.


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