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Posted:  05 Aug 2015 20:38  
Just wondering if there are still wholesale suppliers who carry Pokon leaf shine?
Posted:  06 Aug 2015 01:23  
There are many, including our hosts here, NewProContainers, which carries both the aerosol cans and the liquid concentrate.  As for the aerosol, any local wholesale florist supplier should have either Pokon or Spring (same manufacturer, different brand name, same product).  In fact, Pokon aerosol now comes in a "50% more free" can that's the size of a kitchen fire extinguisher.

There's also Chrysal leaf shine, which is identical to Pokon and Spring.  Google any of the three brands and you'll come up with a host of suppliers to the trade.
Posted:  07 Aug 2015 22:12  
Thanks for the plug Clem!

Yes, we offer Pokon and Potluck Foliage Wonder.

Potluck Foliage Wonder Cleaner and Leaf Shine

Pokon and other cleaning supplies
Posted:  24 Aug 2015 21:05  
Bernecker's has very good prices on cases of Pokon.

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