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Posted:  12 Aug 2013 17:56  
I am in need of a supplier of large interior containers for an upscale office building in Louisiana. I need up to 30" deep and 60" square or round! And more slightly smaller.  Jacob
Posted:  13 Aug 2013 02:24  
Try Tournesol Siteworks (their containers are available with or without subirrigation systems built in and can be used indoors or outdoors) and ASI/Earthforms.  Wide selection of styles and prices.
Posted:  13 Aug 2013 16:35  
Hi LeJardin,

You should also check out NewPro Containers' selection of large indoor/outdoor planters. I've included the link for your convenience: http://www.newprocontainers.com/mega-outdoor- ...
Posted:  13 Aug 2013 16:42  
My bad...I didn't realize NewPro was carrying larger sizes these days.

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