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Posted:  09 Dec 2014 18:00  
I have a client that wants some of those glowing pots. I am having a difficult finding them anywhere except alibaba.

do you have any suggestions?
Posted:  10 Dec 2014 05:26  
I think Gardner's Supply has lighted pots on their website and in their mail-order catalog.  Is that what you mean? 

I also turned up about a zillion different sources by searching the terms "glowing flower pots"...
https://search.yahoo.com/search;_ylt=AwrB8pA2 ...
Posted:  14 Dec 2014 03:07  
There will be several deco container suppliers at the TPIE show in January. I can send the newest info to you, if you are not attending yourself. Let me know and I can either add you to their list to contact, or fax you copies of their trade show fliers.

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