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Posted:  25 Apr 2011 22:24  
I am looking for 24" to 30" round planters and 36" to 60" long rectangular planters for two outside patios. And am considering installing subirrigation in each (drip irrigation is not an option). Just wondering about any alternatives to Tournesol...
Posted:  25 Apr 2011 22:39  
What's not to like about Tournesol?  You're not restricted to just the exterior container line with built-in subirrigation...you can get CWI and CWC subirrigation containers outfitted with overflow tubes for exterior use (so they don't fill up with water when it rains) and drop the black containers into whatever decorative container you like.

You can also use Joey Pouches for exterior containers.  One technique involves drilling an overflow hole at some point in the side of the decorative container to act as a sort of "limit switch" to prevent overfilling, so that the maximum water level in the container is limited to a certain depth before excess water spills out of the hole.  You can use an inner plastic no-hole nursery container for this purpose, drilling the overflow holes in that and then slipping the whole thing inside of the decorative container if you don't want to or can't drill through that.

I believe MONA also may be used outdoors and is available for up to 48" containers.  Tournesol also makes modular subirrigation for use in larger planters...check out their website for sizes and info.

Posted:  25 Apr 2011 23:17  
Thanks for the subirrigation ideas! I would not have thought of the Joey pouches. The overflow drill hole on the side of the container, discretely about 1/4 of the way up the container seems like a great low tech solution. These containers will be on a terrace with drainage going down between each tile so leakage is fine.
And the modular system looks interesting by Tournesol so that we can adapt to whatever containers. Just so pricey! I am considering Architectural Supplements' new subirrigation system too.

So given that I can probably retrofit most any planters I choose, the basic question remains (because I am ignorant of suppliers of exterior planters), any suggestions for suppliers of large round and rectangle planters in fiberglass or (sorry) plastic? Weight can be an issue. We are checking with the structural engineers.
Posted:  26 Apr 2011 00:08  
Architectural Supplements, Allied Fiberglass, Gainey Ceramics...just a few of the manufacturers with extensive lines of fiberglass planters.  Fiberglass tends to be pricey because of its manufacturing process (more labor-intensive than molded plastic products), but its ability to take a ceramic-like glaze or patina finish makes it a great lightweight solution for those who love the look of ceramic but don't want the weight or breakability issues.

For terracotta replica in polyresin construction, try Riverside Plastics, distributed by Primescape Products and others, and Rotocast.  These are heavy-duty terracotta replicas, not thinwalled imitations.  This material is easy to drill for overflow or drainage and holds up to the elements outdoors nicely over the long haul.

Posted:  26 Apr 2011 01:36  
Thanks, Clem. I appreciate your thorough explanations.
Posted:  05 May 2011 22:26  
You may also want to look at Old Towne Fiberglass in CA.

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