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Posted:  08 May 2015 15:55  

I'm new to this site and I have a customer that wants "executive" looking planters, their words.  I have sent them dozens of pictures, but have not found something they are happy with.  They want something heavier looking than fiberglass.  Does anyone have any companies to suggest?  I greatly appreciate your time and thank you!
Posted:  08 May 2015 16:56  
They could always opt for concrete (many sources) or concrete reinforced fiberglass (Tournesol).  I have no idea what an "executive" planter is, except that if you put them in the executive suite, they become, by default, "executive planters", I guess.

Campania has some nice Art Deco concrete planters, and many other styles as well.  Their website:

Posted:  10 May 2015 23:24  
Thank you Clem, I think they are more outdoor, but you never know they may find something they like
Posted:  11 May 2015 22:13   Last Edited By: PapaNewPro 
Laren, check out our Pinterest board called "I spy with my little eye"

We've taken images from commercials, movies, TV shows, etc. What better way to define "executive" than to show what society has determined is such.

What's in the office of the Mayor of Gotham City? Here's the link if you want to browse...

https://www.pinterest.com/newpro/i-spy-with-m ...
Posted:  12 May 2015 22:44  
I'm looking for companies that sell metal container like asi used to and also ceramic containers like Gainey that ship to the east coast.  Thank you in advance
Posted:  15 May 2015 21:01  

We have several ceramic containers from Gainey heavily discounted.

http://www.newprocontainers.com/brand/gainey- ...

We're also looking into adding a new line of commercial grade real aluminum planters.
Posted:  05 Jun 2015 07:29   Last Edited By: flowerboxcn 
Hello Laren:

We are metal planters supplier, Aluminum containers was our mainly product,It with wood grain pattern,Looks like as same as wooden,If you interest this,Also you can visit this web:flowerboxcn.com ,Maybe that will be help to you.
Posted:  30 Jun 2015 18:22  
Is there any container supplier in British Columbia?
Posted:  09 Jan 2016 01:04  
Our planters are made in the USA, fabricated in steel or aluminum if they would like a powder coated finish. The are custom made to order, and there is a 5 year warranty on their structure. You can find them here : https://www.uniquegardendecor.com/metal-planters/

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