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Posted:  29 Jan 2011 16:31  
Does anyone know of a supplier who carries excelsior top dressing? Thanks!
Posted:  29 Jan 2011 16:40  
NewPro carries Fiberex, which is an aspen-fiber (excelsior) product that is a great replacement for Spanish Moss.  It's available in untreated and in flame-resistant forms in natural grey color.

If you need it in colors, American Excelsior Company has a wide range of designer hues.

Posted:  29 Jan 2011 23:49  
Chem Supply Company also has a good slection of mosses like fresh spanish, fibrex etc

Posted:  30 Jan 2011 03:38  
We don't use fresh Spanish moss nor dried Spanish moss for topdressing interiorscape accounts anymore (not since the 80s, anyway)...the fresh stuff is great for adding a jungle touch to orchid plants mounted on cork bark or other slabs, as it will grow and may even bloom if given enough light and humidity (greenhouse-style), but once it dries, the trouble starts.

Dried Spanish moss is simply a dead bromeliad on its way to decomposition.  Watering a plant that is topdressed with fresh or dried Tillandsia usneoides will shortly lead to molds, fungus gnats and a rotten mess to be dealt with.  Go with the Fiberex/American Moss.  Its high lignin content makes it last much longer and it tends to crumble harmlessly when it finally does go south, instead of growing molds, getting smelly and turning a disconcerting black color.

Posted:  31 Jan 2011 01:29  
Well we do use the fresh stuff and do not have any issues with it. costomers like it too
Posted:  31 Jan 2011 06:21  
That's cool, Alex, but we find that it doesn't last long for two reasons: first, we allow most of our plants to dry down quite a bit, both for the plants' good and to prevent fungus gnat infestations; in order to keep the live Spanish moss fresh, it needs to be moistened frequently, so that doesn't fit our maintenance routine.  Secondly, once it does die it begins to rot each time we water through it, so it's inevitably going to go black and moldy on us.

What special things do you do to keep yours fresh and alive? 

Posted:  31 Jan 2011 15:16  
nothing really. it takes quite a while to die down and we replace it long before it goes black.

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