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Interiorscape Forum / Scaper Talk Discussion Forum / Suppliers and Vendors / Does anyone recycle or buy back old containers?
Posted:  29 Jul 2011 16:22  
I have a ton of used plastic cylinder and rectangle containers taken out of old lease accounts that I really can't use again because of the wear and tear on them.  I also have some Lechuza that have scratches. Does anyone have a buy back program for recycling or something?

Posted:  30 Jul 2011 05:32  
Not that I know of, Pam.  There are some nursery pot recycling programs around the country that are run by garden centers and commercial growers in conjunction with the container manufacturers and sometimes local or state governments.  However, your container must bear the applicable recycling symbol to qualify, and I don't recall ever seeing a recycling symbol on a decorative planter.

You can certainly refinish used decorative containers...we do it all the time, especially if we need a specific container style in a color it's not available in new.  I've painted many a container using a commercially available spray paint that is labeled for use on plastics (some light sanding of the surface will help with adhesion, and touchups are a breeze), and we've had very good results to date.  For instance, one client wanted a container in matte black that was only sold in terracotta and charcoal gray, so I just painted them and they loved the look.  At about $5.00 a can, you can do it quickly and cheaply, and keep some of the same paint on hand to retouch scuffs and scratches as they occur...the tech can even do that right on site using a disposable paper/plastic backed dropcloth available in the big box stores.


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