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Posted:  24 Jun 2012 02:34  
After moving from Sarasota, Florida to Chicago, Illinois just eight months ago. I have finally landed a job back in the green industry. With this new position I've landed needing to locate some plant and supply vendors in the Chicago-land area. So I am looking for foliage growers and a general horticulture supplier of fert., fancy containers, soils and top dressing material. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Posted:  24 Jun 2012 17:27  
Primescapeproducts.com is right in your neighborhood, with a warehouse in Des Plaines, IL, provided you don't have any objections to buying containers and supplies from an Ambius subsidiary.  And of course NewPro will ship freight-free for orders over $200.00 anywhere in the USA.

Posted:  27 Jun 2012 15:31  
What's the scoop on Ambius?
Posted:  27 Jun 2012 15:36  
What do you mean? 

Posted:  28 Jun 2012 04:16  
Thanks for help. Don't mind sometimes you have pay the piper to play in his arena.
Posted:  28 Jun 2012 14:55  
I didn't mean to omit Southwest Plantscape Supply, ChemSupply Co., and other local and regional suppliers, all of whom are competitive price-wise, selection-wise and service-wise with the companies already mentioned.

Posted:  28 Jun 2012 22:29  
I inferred from your comment on purchasing from an Ambius subsidiary that Ambius may have a certain reputation in the industry.

I'm curious because an interiorscaper in Alberta, born in Newfoundland and Labrador was contacted by Ambius about a job (jobs?) in NL.  She passed my contact info on to them.
Posted:  29 Jun 2012 03:28  
Ambius has a certain reputation in the industry, but that comes with the territory of being the Big Guys.  I can tell you that I've gotten a number of jobs that Ambius "referred" to us, but not in the way you think...their handling of the prospective client led them to turn to us because we gave them the kind of attention and care they were looking for and Ambius didn't seem terribly interested in small fish.

That said, there are MANY 'scapers who will not purchase supplies and containers from Primescape because they are a wholly-owned subsidiary of Ambius.  I rarely use them (I liked doing business with Primescape when Bob Skillings was still working there, but he's since retired), but they can come in handy at times.

I don't think it particularly helps the "competition" when you buy something from Primescape.  The amount of profit they make on supplies is pretty small (I know because I'm aware of what dealer cost is on many of the items they sell), and their containers are knockoffs of other brands' designs in many cases, at similar prices.


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