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Posted:  20 Jul 2012 13:57  
Who is the suppier for ambius Stratum Skybox tall square planters?
Posted:  21 Jul 2012 14:33  
No idea, as they don't seem to mention any containers on their website, at least not anywhere I was able to access.

On a side note, however, I did notice a mention of service frequency being "approximately 13-17 visits per year or as required to ensure our promise is fulfilled"...that seems a bit odd in the phrasing, but it also implies that everything they service must be subirrigated, no?  That's a 3-4 week service interval...I've heard 10 days to 2 weeks is common nowadays for many companies, but does anybody have any inside info on this?

Posted:  23 Jul 2012 00:16  
I did receive a Ambius planter brochure (mode and prelude) from a perspective client who has used them in the past.  The planters that I am looking for is a Tall Euro square with a horizontal texture, looks cool. They also have many that have a heavier texture than asi twist.  None have subirrigation. They are a international company so my guess is they have there own China supplier and do not want to share with us. Thanks for your reply.
Posted:  09 Nov 2012 18:02  
Ambius OWNS Primescape Products - located in Illinois, probably less than a 30 min drive from Ambius Headquarters. Primescape is in Des Plaines and HQ is in Buffalo Grove.
Posted:  09 Nov 2012 19:25  
I'm not familiar with that particular planter. What kind of texture are you looking for? Did it look anything like this?
Posted:  14 Nov 2012 07:05   Last Edited By: Randy S 
Your guess is correct about ambius/Primescape not sharing this container.  We came across this container when we bid on one of their buildings which we got!  Not available thru Primescape that I am ware of. It may be available thu another vendor but I can't find it.
Clem, they have extended their service visits to every three weeks or longer. They are in our city and when we bid on their projects we ask the client when they last saw their technician.  They usually can't answer the question and neither can their dry/withered plants. We have not come across any sub irrigation when we takeover their accounts
Posted:  15 Nov 2012 18:06  
Very hard to understand why an organization that has apparently committed to three-week service intervals wouldn't also invest in subirrigation.  You really can't have it both ways...you have to invest in one or the other, technology or labor, or you'll definitely have to invest in replacing plants (plant cost + labor cost + client unhappiness cost).


Posted:  03 Dec 2012 22:11  
AImbius is a very hard organization to understand, period. I know, I worked for them for 5 years.  Last time I talked to any of my friends that were still there, the company had finally abandoned the "everyone must work in pairs" rule (figured out it was too inefficient, I guess).  When I was there many of the branches were totally committed to sub-irrigation, and all of their plants were potted that way, but not all the branches had adopted it 100%.  My guess is they made the 3-4 week service interval mandatory, without making sure all plants were sub-irrigated, so there you go, bless their hearts.
Posted:  08 Dec 2012 22:54  
That's pretty corporate of them.  It's harder to understand when you realize that the industry has been discussing the magical pairing of subirrigation and less-than-weekly service intervals for many years now.  If you're not willing to invest in subirrigation as a way of cutting overhead (maintenance time and replacement costs), you have to expect to stick to weekly or biweekly service at the very least...you cannot have it both ways.

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