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Posted:  02 Feb 2016 05:46  
when figuring out leasing amount I calculate cost
7 markup of plants & containers, maintenance time & a dollar amount to use my money but at the end of the lease what happens? Does client own plants and I just charge maintenance?
Posted:  02 Feb 2016 23:25  
Ideally, the client never ends the lease.  The plants and containers belong to you, unless you offer them a buyout arrangement, which you should never offer up front. 

Leases are the Water of Life to an interiorscape firm.  Theoretically, with luck and good performance by you, the lease goes on forever.  You can offer container upgrades as the client's decor may change over time, but these too are factored into the existing lease or, if you have extremely well-heeled clients who love you madly, they may re-up for a new lease program with all new plants and containers every so often.  If so, congratulations!

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