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Posted:  15 Dec 2011 06:09  
Does anyone have a basic script for cold calling? I've had good luck with door-to-door, but I'm trying to get my company name out in a large metropolitan area where door-to-door isn't going to be as practical.
Posted:  15 Dec 2011 06:56  
I'll preface this by saying that I've never done cold-calling, but I'd think any "scripted" approach would come off as very artificial and rehearsed, especially on the telephone.  Clients are much more savvy than that!

That said, I'd just be as natural as possible, maybe asking the prospective client a couple of coaxing questions, such as "are you happy with your present plant service?"  If they are, you will have wasted little time on a fruitless call; if not, you may have pushed the button that will get the prospect off the dime and give them reason to open up to your sales talk.  And if they don't have a service currently, your next question could be "why not?"  and you would be ready to give the great reasons for having interior plants professionally serviced...by YOU.


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