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Posted:  04 Sep 2012 18:45  

We want your opinion on a new line of planters we are considering. Please see the color swatch below and let us know which colors you would like to see us carry. We would love to hear what you like or dislike about each.


Thank you in advance for your help! We greatly appreciate it.

Melanie Dearringer
Marketing Director
NewPro Containers
Posted:  04 Sep 2012 21:27  
I'm familiar with this line.  The supplier is in my area and is a client.  It's strange.   They don't sell in the round shapes, but the tall squares are very popular.

I sell mostly teak and black.

Posted:  04 Sep 2012 21:47  
I appreciate the feedback, Julie! Have you worked with the sage at all? That color is a big question mark for us.
Posted:  05 Sep 2012 04:30  
We used to sell a lot of the "marbled" finishes in Vista years ago, and the Forest Green Marble was the top seller, followed by Burgundy Marble.  The green fell from favor after a couple of years, as did the burgundy.  The Black Marble and Gray Marble were never popular.  There was no equivalent for the Terra Cotta or Teak at the time, but I'm not wild about any of them.

I always liked the Pebble Grey Vista finish...it was an orange-peel textured finish that hid scratches and scuffs very nicely and the grey went with almost everything.  But clients have moved away from faux-marble and faux-stone finishes of all types...we haven't had any interest in them in many years.

Posted:  05 Sep 2012 14:56  
Clem, Thank you for the feedback. As always, you have been very helpful.
Posted:  05 Sep 2012 16:00  
Any shade of green is always up for debate, with my clients.  Most like the pots individually, but don't like green plants with the green of the pots.  Some green leaf colors work and some don't.  Too much work tracking them, unless, they are all the same plant.

I have also discovered that the green marble that Clem referenced has a habit of being a different shade and pattern with each supplier.  Even within the same supplier, they switch vendors for the finish, making it a nightmare to add plants to an existing installation.  I just had to return two because the producer had changed changed vendors and it was totally different from their sample chips.  When those  issues become a problem, I recommend that the client does not chose that color finish at all.  Just too much hassle.

I don't think you'll have this problem with the pictured supplier.  The teak finish is what I am bidding, when possible, in place of the similar finish that used to be available in Lechuza, but has been discontinued.  As I said, very popular here, when new installations are being done.

Posted:  28 May 2013 11:18  
Hello Every One !!!
I've got in addition found that the actual green marble which Clem referenced has a pattern to be a new color along with design together with each and every service provider. I liked the actual Pebble Gray Landscape finish off... it had been a orange-peel bumpy finish off which hid chafes along with scuffs very effectively and also the gray traveled together with every thing.

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