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Posted:  18 Mar 2014 18:35  
I am finding it easy to find commercial accounts, but I am finding that my marketing to residential accounts just doesn't seem to be resonating. I have put door knockers on doors, put in some local advertising ads, and considered putting advertising in "welcome to the neighborhood" giftbaskets. Anyone have any great ideas that have worked  for them?
Posted:  19 Mar 2014 00:59  
Most, if not virtually all, of our residential accounts came paired with a commercial account the homeowner had...car dealership, accountant or doctor or law office, etc.  Several were accounts purchased from another 'scaper who was retiring/relocating and the residences were friends of hers as well as clients.  So if you have well-heeled friends and acquaintances, you can start with them, or you can approach the principals at your commercial accounts and see if they'd be interested in a "package deal". 

Cold-calling on homes is kind of creepy, don't you think?  Just imagine how you'd feel if some stranger were canvassing YOUR neighborhood trying to drum up business for a service that involves the homeowner trusting you enough to allow you free range inside their house on a regular basis.  Not warm and fuzzy, I'll bet.
Posted:  19 Mar 2014 19:27  
I suspected as much.  Thanks for that feedback.

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