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Posted:  12 Jul 2011 12:41  
Looking for information, with or without company logo/literature added (keeps costs down) to take on sales calls.  I am currently running low on my stash.  Can't seem to locate the company that they came from.  Chrome/Krome (forget how it got spelled)

Basically a multifold, glossy pictured piece.  Had plant choices for the light levels we deal with.  Latin and common names included. 

Anyone have a good source?

Thanks in advance!

Posted:  12 Jul 2011 23:29  

Good value, company is owned by a 'scaper, and the online feature is great for clients who insist on losing their printed versions of the catalog.

Posted:  13 Jul 2011 12:36  
Interesting, thanks Clem
Posted:  18 Jul 2011 06:38  

The company Clem refered you to does an excellent job. I do not know if Krome still produces a brochure for the interiorscape market, I used their brochure about 30 years ago, however you might check out this site.

Rick W.
Posted:  18 Jul 2011 23:08  
I wouldn't buy anything from Krome.  They always treated us poorly, even when they had a third-rate brochure that WASN'T already locked down with an "exclusive" in our market.  We had placed an order with their sales reps for one of their brochures that we liked, even sent payment and had a confirmed ship date, and then Mr. Krome himself called to inform me that we couldn't have it because another company in our market had the "exclusive" on all three of their newest brochures.  His solution to the situation was to offer us one of their obsolete, low-end brochures, and not at a discount, either, if I recall correctly.

Luhr will treat you with care, and I'd rather deal with another 'scaper who knows our business first-hand than with a printing company that doesn't care what business you're in.

Posted:  19 Jul 2011 06:05  
I certainly won't argue with Clem. I am sure he is very correct in what happened. Krome was always VERY protective of their "exclusive" markets.

Actually Krome was run and owned by Don Horowitz's brother. Don and Carole founded Plantscape, one of the largest interiorscape companies on the East Coast. So Krome did have a very close relationship with the  "interiorscape" industry and did know it inside and out.
That said, I do believe Clem's story. They did the same to some of the companies in our market who wanted their brochure which we had exclusive right to.


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