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Posted:  11 Jan 2011 21:24  
Ok, so what do all of you do, currently to drive your business forward.  I have just a few competitiors, not many of any consequence in my area.

I currently belong to my local Chamber of Commerece.
I'm on Linkedin
and have a Facebook page.

Where are you spending your time and dollars and what is working for you!?
Posted:  11 Jan 2011 21:25  
I've also "blogged" a couple of times, but find it hard to find time to do this part of things.  Only so many hours in a work day!
Posted:  12 Jan 2011 00:38  
The qualified lead/referral is the golden goose of small business marketing.  Approach your loyal clients and ask them to give you referrals; in exchange, you can offer discounts on future purchases or a rebate on a monthly service charge or whatever, whenever you close on a referred new client.

Posted:  13 Jan 2011 04:30  
I like the FB you can update daily, takes moments of time.  Photos can be added very quickly.

The issue with any techno stuff, is driving folks to you/your site etc.

Linkedin is my next nut to crack...
Posted:  19 Jan 2011 02:14  
OK, so here is another question/comment/topic for discussion;

Do you find belonging to Chamber of Commerece (in your area), BBB, or other affiliations helps you?  Do you advertise that you "belong" or are a "member in good standing" do you find this gives some credibility.  Again, my company is about a year old, even though I have been doing this for almost 22 years, this is my baby now.  As a parent of this baby...I want to help it grow and succeed.  Looking for input on where to advertise/spend the ROI dollars.
Posted:  19 Jan 2011 16:41  
I would say that IFMA or BOMA membership in a local chapter would be the way to go.  BBB is more a consumer-oriented group, not a trade-oriented service so much.  Chamber of Commerce might get you a few networking opportunities, but I tend to regard most of these groups as social organizations masquerading as business groups.  Just my humble opinion, and that applies to most networking groups I've experienced, too.
Posted:  17 Apr 2011 13:38  
Well, still at the Chamber thing.  Although it becomes difficult to get to some of the things.  Timing is mid day or too early in the eve to get to.  Some of us WORK!  lol..  I have found a group, a REFERRAL group, and am going to give that a shot.  Got some advertising that was not terribly expensive that will hit the eyes of the people at Country clubs soon.  Hoping that pans out a bit.  New Website will be up soon, older one was done quickly and while is ok, is not up to par in my mind anymore.

I think the clients I have right now are great, just want more of them!
Posted:  20 Apr 2011 15:50  
Just remember those social groups like the chamber are really good for getting to know people.
As we all know people like to do bus with people they know.  So use the events to get to know them
Posted:  21 Apr 2011 18:27  
BOMA has worked really well for us, great contacts and the people you meet there change companies and will take you with them. These are the decision makers! We sponsor the AGM and the Christmas lunch with a centre piece ( which we get donated from one of our suppliers) for all the tables and our name goes on the programs and is mentioned several times during the lunch.
The Christmas lunch centre pieces are raffled off and last year raised over $2000.00 for the local womens shelter. Great PR.
Posted:  21 Apr 2011 23:01  
Go where your clients go!  Ask the clients you have what groups they belong to, where they hang out.  Then go to a meeting and ask them to introduce you to a few people. 

And--tell your current clients "Who else do you know who could use our services?  We want more clients JUST LIKE YOU."  They'll be flattered and although they may not think of anyone right away they'll remember you the next time around.

Some groups require that you be "sponsored" by a member, others like some BOMA chapters limit the ratio of supplier members.  Some will not allow you to discuss business, exchange business cards or anything else at their meetings, so find out their policies in advance.

Whatever groups you choose, get involved, don't just show up.  That's how you'll get business.

And if you don't meet anyone or get any business in 6 months or 6 visits, it's time to move on. Your time is a valuable and limited asset so don't waste it.
Posted:  21 May 2012 12:44  
Although it becomes difficult to get to some of the things.  Timing is mid day or too early in the eve to get to.  Some of us WORK! You choose any one group for getting involve, don't show it just....! That's how you get business?
Posted:  01 Aug 2012 15:11  
It's not just spammers, but I think some folks just don't have a working command of simple English.  When they speak in person or on the telephone, they may be able to communicate, but in writing, not so much.  If you and I were to settle in Hong Kong or Madrid, we'd have to learn the language and learn to use it competently or we wouldn't be able to succeed in doing business in those places...here, we coddle people for fear of hurting their feelings.  That does nobody any favors.

Posted:  04 Aug 2012 16:26  
I wish the spammers would at least take a remedial English course at their local high school, or hire a high school kid with passable English skills to write this stuff.

Posted:  28 May 2013 11:16  
I'd point out in which IFMA as well as BOMA membership rights in a regional part can be your best option. Timing is usually mid morning as well as too soon inside eve to go to. Some of us WORK! I have found friends, any AFFILIATE group, and also am going to provide that a shot.

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