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Interiorscape Forum / Scaper Talk Discussion Forum / Sales and Marketing / Is Twitter Hogwash for Interiorscapers?
Posted:  10 Sep 2014 16:47   Last Edited By: PapaNewPro 
Not for the the Interiorscapers mentioned in the blog post below. Melanie talks about how you can use Twitter to increase Interiorscape sales and lists several examples of active Interiorscapers tweeting right now...

How to Increase Interiorscape Sales with Twitter
Posted:  10 Sep 2014 17:40  
I had signed up for Twitter several years ago and posted maybe once or twice before realizing that the restrictions of such a small number of characters were the equivalent of forcing a kind of internet-ADD syndrome on people.  I'm a big fan of the written word in all its splendor, and Twitter just doesn't fill the bill for me.  Maybe it's good for people with short attention spans, but I'll pass for now, thanks!
Posted:  10 Sep 2014 19:52   Last Edited By: PapaNewPro 
Thanks for chiming in Clem! I assume many interiorscapers have a similar mindset as you with regards to Twitter. I joined Twitter in 2009. I've tweeted over 14,000 times and have over 13,000 followers. In that time I've discovered the immense value Twitter has to offer. If it wasn't giving me more than I put in I would have given up a long time ago. I admit, I held out until 2009 because I listened to the laggards making comments like "What does everyone do on Twitter? Isn't it just a bunch of people tweeting about what they ate for lunch, mentioning how much they love their cat and hash-tagging celebrity gossip?"

I believe each popular social network fills a niche and Twitter is no different. Now that I have a substantial audience I love how quickly I can get recommendations by tweeting simple questions like...

"I'm looking for a PR freelancer to do media relations outreach for @NewPro. Any recommendations?"

It's significantly more efficient and effective than calling one or two people and the recommendations from my network are often more trustworthy than ambiguous reviews I find on Google. 

It's also a great way to stay top of mind with channel and referral partners. If I were an interiorscaper for example I would be favoriting, re-tweeting and engaging with architects, interior designers, property managers and other influencers that may refer opportunities to me. I can engage with way more people across LinkedIn, Twitter and chat rooms than I can afford to take to coffee and lunch meetings. Those are still important, but I can engage with more people more often leveraging those technology platforms. Many of them get new jobs, new contracts or win awards. Simply congratulating them publicly or wishing them a happy birthday can remind them that you exist. Reciprocation is a proven sales technique. Do enough small, nice things for someone and eventually they feel a sub-conscious obligation to return the favor. That favor could be your next big referral contract.

Another primary use for Twitter is as a content distribution and consumption channel. Content marketing is a huge marketing phenomena that has matured over the past few years. Our market in general is clearly lagging the trend, but I wouldn't right it off as we will catch up eventually. Blogging is the first thing that comes to mind when someone thinks about 'content marketing'. It's great to blog, but channels such as email, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+ and others are crucial content distributions platforms. If a tree falls in the woods? That's why we share helpful and entertaining content on those platforms.   

Content consumption is cool too. I follow the European Federation of Interior Landscape Groups (eFIG) and have discovered some really cool stuff I haven't seen in the US. Groups in Europe are innovating in ways we could learn from. I often find value in being exposed to new and exciting things that I didn't think to 'search' for on Google.
Posted:  10 Sep 2014 22:51  
eFIG is an interesting group.  It's always good to get a different slant on things from another segment of the industry outside of our comfortable local borders.

As far as LinkedIn goes, I've been invited to join the networks of dozens of folks I have never met, but who must know me from my Interiorscape.com and magazine writings, so I almost always accept their invitations.  To this day, I have no idea what it's good for, nor do almost all of them!  We refer to it as the "submarine with screen doors", as in "as useless as a..." 

I'm sure I'm just being old-school about it, but Twitter itself LOOKS so scattered and unfocused that it inhibits me from wanting to go on it.  It's just a list of interminable short shoutouts that almost look like a foreign language.  Maybe you can enlighten all of us interiorscapers as to how to break the spell and figure it all out?
Posted:  11 Sep 2014 13:50  
Papa, are you @NewPro on Twitter?
Posted:  11 Sep 2014 16:22   Last Edited By: PapaNewPro 
Alex, my personal account is @PapaRelevance. The Relevance part is associated with the publication I founded at Relevance.com and my associated agency at digital.relevance.com

@NewPro is our company handle for the container business.

I manage several other Twitter handles and have a few just for fun like my son's handle @BabyRelevance
Posted:  11 Sep 2014 17:08  
Hmmm...is there a possibility that one could make a living managing other people's Twitter accounts?  Sort of like virtual dog-walking or personal shopper?  Inquiring minds want to know...
Posted:  11 Sep 2014 18:08  
Clem, I believe people do that for a living. We're more than happy to optimize your social media accounts and manage them from the standpoint of promoting your blog posts and chat room conversations. Just let us know.
Posted:  11 Sep 2014 23:12  
I'm speechless.

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