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Posted:  01 Nov 2014 21:53  
Does anyone know where I could find industry statistics on the interiorscaping industry specifically? (I am searching for Canadian statistics if possible.)

I have found some information on the Statistics Canada website, however, they lump interior landscaping in with all other forms of landscaping.

Any ideas?
Posted:  02 Nov 2014 16:34  
I'd be very surprised if you have any luck finding interiorscape-specific data on any government websites.  You may have better success by contacting some of the interiorscaping industry groups, but we are such a small corner of the green industry and so relatively unorganized with respect to trade groups that the info you're looking for probably doesn't exist, or if it does, it's incomplete at best.

There is a SIC classification code for interior landscaping (078105), but I don't know that it would be of any use in trying to find statistics.  As of 1987, the US government replaced the SIC classifications with the NAICS system, and while you may be able to find cross-reference tables matching the old SIC categories with the newer NAICS ones, it's a slog getting to what you need to find.  Good luck.
Posted:  30 Jan 2016 23:02  
Hello Kay,

Did you have any luck finding any industry statistics  after this post?  I am in the process of searching my self for a Business Plan and I am not really finding much that is of use. 



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