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Posted:  12 Dec 2014 18:18  
I have a hard time breaking it down as to why I should get paid a certain amount. I have a really hard ball owner/property manager who doesn't understand why I deserve the amount I was getting paid before they took over the management. It is a dead mall and under construction and when the project is complete he wants me to break everything down..
So my questions are:
-what should I break down- Hr,labor, materials ect?
-What should I keep to my self during the negotiations
-what justifies $60 an hour to someone who knows nothing about plant maintenance
Posted:  13 Dec 2014 16:53  
You do not "owe" any client a "breakdown" of your hours, costs, etc.  All you owe them is your best rate, and then it's up to them to do their own comparison shopping. 

We have a client, a large commercial realty company that owns and manages hundreds of office buildings statewide, that is known for this kind of hammering.  We simply tell them that there is a line below which we cannot go and still make a profit, and ask them which of the other contractors they hire...HVAC, janitorial, electrical, etc...LOWERS their rates year to year.  They never have an answer for that one, but they still feel a sense of entitlement to go ahead and try to pick our pockets anyway.  Stand your ground.  You may lose a client or two doing it, but they are usually clients you really don't need.
Posted:  13 Dec 2014 20:51  
And if your client really wants to know how much time you're spending on servicing their premises, they can require your personnel to sign in and out at each visit and then do the math (just remind them to include travel time and of the fact that part of the rate is to cover replacements and part of it, it is fervently hoped, will go to PROFIT).
Posted:  17 Feb 2015 18:17  
Thank you so much! This is very helpful

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