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Posted:  19 Jul 2011 17:18  
What can a government contract do for your business? GreenBidNet publishes new government contracts for Interiorsaping and Green Roofs. We offer a no obligation 30 day free trial, no credit card is required and the trial auto-expires.

We also offer a free service to property managers and government agencies to post your needs with us. By exposing your RFP to the hundreds of qualified contractors who visit our site, you can rest assured in getting the most competitive offer.

Check us out today!

Posted:  20 Jul 2011 00:01  
Most government contracts that go out to bid in the NY/NJ area are sent to pre-qualified or certified SBE/MBE/WBE/DBE contractors that the issuing agency already knows will pass muster with its standards and requirements for bidders.  If you simply register with the appropriate state agency (in NJ, Dept. of Commerce, or the Port Authority of NY & NJ, or in NYC the City of New York's CityRecordOnline service), you will receive every applicable RFQ or RFP for the product or service types you indicate you would be interested in and capable of fulfilling.  FREE.

Posted:  10 Aug 2011 17:45  
It's obvious the OP was just advertising a service but just as obvious that Clem knows what he's talking about. Never having had a government contract (I'm a complete newbie in this business) I would actually appreciate an answer to the question in the OP: What can a government contract do for your business, i.e. at what point is it worth pursuing? I'm sure there are more hoops to jump through and more red tape than working for a private company. Is it worth it?
Posted:  10 Aug 2011 17:50  
As we all have witnessed our governmental agencies spending enormous amounts of time on seemingly routine or trivial projects, it should be self-evident that dealing with such bureaucracies involves a lot of gratuitous paperwork and so forth.  You will spend 50% more time on bidding many government contracts than you will with private companies before you get the sale.  IF you get the sale.  And the compliance aspects are onerous.  You will need insurance coverages up the wazoo, as well as licenses and bonding you never dreamed of.  Be forewarned.


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