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Posted:  06 Jan 2012 02:30  
Does anyone know of a good website that has Royalty-Free images of office plants that can be used in a brochure? Thanks!!
Posted:  06 Jan 2012 03:19  
Doubtful.  Why would anyone go to the trouble and expense of building and maintaining such a site, never mind the cost and time to photograph or gather the images and the permissions to use them?  So that some commercial outfit can get free pix for their mailers and catalogs?  That does not compute.

Posted:  06 Jan 2012 04:57  
My post wasn't written very well, was it? I should probably be a bit clearer. I didn't expect a website geared toward such use, but rather photos taken by non-professionals in malls, hospitals, office, etc...like photobucket.
In the meantime, I did find a website if anyone else is interested that is fairly reasonable at
www.photos.com and search 'interior plants.'

Thanks Clem for your reply
Posted:  06 Jan 2012 16:24  
There was/is a Flickr site with some interiorscape project photos, but not one with individual plant photos that could be appropriated for uses such as brochures and catalogs.  I think that the photos on growers' websites might be useful for these purposes, and if you ask permission of the grower, it probably wouldn't be a problem.

Posted:  19 Jan 2012 16:14  
Try this site. Sorry; I could not link it.
Posted:  19 Jan 2012 16:17  
That did not work. How does one create a link?
Retry http://www.dotgovwatch.com/?/archives/8-The-B ...
There! That is beginning to look good.
Posted:  23 Jan 2012 02:34  
Awesome! Thanks ronalawn82

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