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Posted:  23 Oct 2012 23:31  
Has anyone had luck with walking into a business and making a cold call. If so, are the individuals receptive to this?
Posted:  23 Oct 2012 23:49  
No.  These days, you might be seen as a security risk.  And it's not the best way to ingratiate yourself to a prospective client (i.e., it's viewed as "unprofessional" and "pushy").  You could certainly go on Google Maps and look up office building addresses in the locality you're interested in prospecting, and it will display a list of tenants at each address, along with their phone numbers in many cases.  Then you can call and ask for the name of the facility/office manager or purchasing agent for each tenant and the building management as well.  Follow up with your mailer and ask for an appointment.  That's the low-tech/low-budget version of how the pros usually do it.


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