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Interiorscape Forum / Scaper Talk Discussion Forum / Sales and Marketing / Cold Calling in Major Metro areas? Do you just walk in?
Posted:  21 Feb 2012 20:38  
I'm in a larger metropolitan area. Although I make between 100-200 calls a week, I still struggle getting to the DM for alot of the bigger potential clients. Do any of you just walk into buildings and ask to see the building manager? I'm not sure if this approach will work since some of these buildings are large. Just curious on your experience.

Posted:  22 Feb 2012 01:59  
Most larger buildings have security that won't let you just stroll through the place looking for leads.  But there are ways...I've heard some intriguing commercials on radio lately advertising free trials with full functionality of a lead-generating service that is specific to the business-to-business marketing community.  SalesGenie is one, Hoovers is another, and there are many, many others you can find online with a Google search.

All of these services do one thing that you apparently cannot: they find the contact information for the person(s) inside each company who makes decisions about purchasing various goods and services.  You provide the service with a snapshot of your business and the type of clients/customers you want to target and they provide you with (hopefully) current, accurate, direct inside phone numbers and e-mail addresses for the decision-makers you need to speak with.

Of course, your "free trial" lasts only a short time and gives you limited info, but it should be enough for you to make a determination whether they're right for you or not.  It's worth a try...after all, it is FREE.

Posted:  22 Feb 2012 04:03  
Thanks Clem. Those are a great idea. I guess to be clearer, my problem is that I already know who I need to speak with. I just can't get them on the phone. Or when I email I'm not getting response. So my next thought is that I just want to try walking in. Does anyone have success with that. Like once security calls into the office of the building, do they let you up because they admire tenacity or for lack of better term, does it just piss them off?
Posted:  23 Feb 2012 16:37  
Unless you can figure how to get past the "Gatekeeper" (usually the executive secretary or purchasing/facilities management secretary), fuhgeddaboudit!

Posted:  24 Feb 2012 05:35  
We get people from time to time through our doors trying to sell us something.
Most of the time they are trying to make a quick buck and we politely send them away.
I think personality is key. You probably can get to the right person just by walking in but you are going to have to play the charming game.
Posted:  24 Feb 2012 18:30  
Yeah, and some receptionists just don't "get" the charm thing.  Sometimes, bringing a token plant memento (say a 4" pot of something blooming) with your business card attached will pique interest in hearing what you have to offer and directing you to the right person inside.


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