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Posted:  08 Aug 2014 16:26  
Any ideas how to address a 'generic' marketing letter without using "To whom it may concern or Dear Sir/Ma'am? The businesses I'm targeting have Property Mgrs., Operations Mgrs., Facilities Directors, Office Mgrs.
I want to print out ONE letter to use for all.
Thanks in advance for any input!!
Posted:  08 Aug 2014 16:58  
Ladies and Gentlemen:

Dear Facilities Professional:

Those are cordial and professional ways of avoiding the hackneyed "To Whom" widget.
Posted:  08 Aug 2014 17:34  
I like Facilities professional! Thanks Clem!!
Posted:  08 Aug 2014 20:43  
That's a good catch-all to address all of the various sub-sets of people with whom we deal...the commercial property manager, the small-office manager, etc.  And it sounds like a compliment to boot.  Good luck with the campaign!

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