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Posted:  03 Nov 2011 03:56  
Does anyone have any experience in sales? More specifically submitting a bid to a potential client?
Posted:  03 Nov 2011 16:00  
Do you have specific questions, or are you just looking for a course on interiorscape sales?

Posted:  05 Nov 2011 19:10  
I currently service a few small accounts that I quoted on the spot when I stopped to solicit my company. But, I have an opportunity to bid on a much larger account.
Are the bids done after a walk-thru? Otherwise, how will I know what they have.
Secondly, how is it written up? Do you know of any samples I can use for guidance?
Posted:  05 Nov 2011 19:29  
Most bids are done in conjunction with a bidders' meeting and property inspection ("walk-through"), but some are not...the purchasing authority may just include an inventory of the existing plants and possibly a roster of new plants they are interested in adding.  The walk-through is useful for estimating the amount of time for travel and service, access to water and storage facilities on-site, security procedures, receiving facilities, etc.  We once bid on a contract for 33 buildings for a large telecom corporation...the walkthrough was a two-week tour of New Jersey before we even put pen to paper to work on the bid!

The bid documents may include forms for you to fill out, including price sheets for everything from plants and containers to mulch and service fees, sometimes broken down to an hourly rate and projected service hours, sometimes just a lump sum per month. 

You will most likely be asked about things like your experience in the trade (i.e., references for specific projects or current accounts/contracts they can check to see whether you are up to performing a contract of similar size to the one you're bidding on), whether you are licensed in any area of the trade, whether you can be bonded and insured to meet the requirements of the contract, how many employees you have on staff, whether you are a certified minority/small or disadvantaged business/women-owned enterprise, etc.

Some companies will require you to apply for acceptance into their supplier database before you can bid on or be awarded a contract to work for them, and you'll be expected to document all of your answers on the application forms.

So hang on to your hat, it's going to be quite a learning experience for you, if nothing else.  At least the next time you are invited to do one of these, you'll be well-prepared.

Posted:  07 Nov 2011 22:23  
Awesome! Alot of your response had run through my head before, but thank you for the details! I have been in the interiorscape business for about 5 years now. I started with a major interiorscape company in the midwest. But recently ventured on my own. So I know very basic info in sales, most of my experience has been as a tech.
Thanks again!!
Posted:  07 Nov 2011 23:57  
Anytime, DG.  Good luck, and please don't lowball just to get the account...you'll thank me later.

Posted:  12 Aug 2012 19:11  
We'll place bids on your behalf using the automatic bid increment amount, which is based on the current high bid. We'll bid only as much as necessary to make sure that you remain the high bidder, or to meet the reserve price, up to your maximum amount.
Posted:  13 Aug 2012 01:44  
Um, humboldt, that's humbug to a 'scaper...we generally need to be the LOW bidder to win a contract!

Spam, anyone?


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