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Posted:  02 Feb 2011 17:59  
HI Everyone. I am hosting a lunch for the ALA  (Association of Legal Administraitors) this month in one of the law firms that I do. I have 65 plants in that office. Plus I have 3 other clients in that group. They are giving me 5 minutes at the end of their meeting to talk about my company and what I do. I am not sure what areas I should cover. Should I mention about my offer about one- month free plant service or about different plant programs that I have or  have a non commercial talk about my company. This a good opportunity I want to get some clients out of this. What do you suggest?
Posted:  02 Feb 2011 19:33  
I suggest discussing this with your client rep at the host firm, that way you don't step on any toes or embarrass anyone there by being "too commercial" in your approach.  Visuals are always better than someone yammering at you, even if it's only for five minutes.  Mention your company's name often during the talk, and make it brief enough to allow a couple of minutes for questions.  Hand out business cards and brochures imprinted with your contact info.  Stress that you are accustomed to dealing with the level of confidentiality and privacy that law firms require, and that you use appropriate technology such as subirrigation in areas that are difficult to access (meeting rooms, conference rooms, partner offices) on a regular basis so that plant losses are kept to a minimum and plants stay attractive and healthy. 

Don't feel the need to announce your "one-month-free-service" offer at the talk...save that for your handouts by enclosing a "coupon" in your brochure/catalog that you give to all the attendees.  Try to get a list of the attendees (have a signup sheet to get names, firm names, phones and e-mail addresses so you can follow up individually from your office later and give each the time required to prospect properly.

Law firms can be GREAT clients...happy hunting!

Posted:  03 Feb 2011 07:35  
I would have a non commercial talk about your company.  Sell yourself and qualifications first.  People relate and buy from vendors they trust, respect and like.
Posted:  10 Feb 2011 20:13  
I would suggest a brief introduction of yourself/company but put the rest of your bio and contact info in a handout. Then focus on the benefits of having a well maintained interiorscape. As a part of thier branding, presenting a polished and successful image, inspiring confidence. maybe throw in a tibit about Biophilia and the people need nature connection. Always think of whats in it for the client.
Posted:  10 Aug 2011 17:43  
One question that immediately arises is the purpose of the luncheon. If it's for ALA purposes and you are just hosting it, obviously a lot of self-marketing would be out of place. If it's for you, that's a different story. Otherwise all of the above is good advice, and even if it's just for the ALA some low-key promotion might not be out of place.

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