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Posted:  06 Dec 2011 23:24   Last Edited By: Mvan 
Hey guys, just wanted upload this video of our nursery. We have a range of interior and some exterior plants. Were located in San Marcos, Can Thanks for watching.


Posted:  07 Dec 2011 13:44   Last Edited By: number2211 

It's a fake address  www.youtu.be/whatever   and no .com?  Obivously.

And look at his reputation.
Posted:  08 Dec 2011 20:04  
It worked fine for me and looked pretty good too.

I also tried their other video... http://www.youtube.com/user/WestCoastNurseriesCA

They have been around for a while now.

Posted:  08 Dec 2011 23:14  
Well then... it appears that I have scrambled eggs all over my face :P
Posted:  09 Dec 2011 13:11  
No - Not at all - one just never knows as it's always good to be on the alert for the fake links.

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