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Posted:  16 Aug 2016 00:13  
Hi, folks,
Retired and business closed. Have a 20 gallon Tanks-A-Lot watering machine for sale, with customization and accessories.
The machine is 20+ years old, with nozzle adapted to Planter Technology's Natural Spring pots and others, as well as top-watering. Has two Bucket-Boss tool holders on the outside and a work tray mounted on the top. Comes with aluminum ramps for easy loading into van or hatchback.
I cannot pack this for shipping, so you will have to pick it up in West Deptford, NJ (near Camden), or I can drop it off within 50 miles.
Asking $500 -- originally cost about $1,000. You can get a better idea of it by visiting www.tanks-a-lot.net. Or you can stop in to see it. Or, I can email you a picture.
Please contact me a [email protected] or 856-579-4441.
Missing the plants and customers,
Carl Ford
Posted:  16 Aug 2016 18:58  
Hi, Carl!  Long time...I think it was outside Longwood Gardens in the parking lot many years ago.  Hope all is well with you and yours and you're enjoying your retirement.

I'll pass along your info to any of the interiorscapers who are customers at our wholesale greenhouses in case they might be able to use a machine.

Just because you're not gainfully employed in the biz anymore doesn't mean you should be a stranger here!  Or on the Interiorscape.com Facebook page, either.  Lots of spirited give-and-take going on over there:


Keep in touch...Rutgers 250, Rah!

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