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Posted:  30 Jun 2011 23:49  
The elbow on the bottom of my #2 tank rusted out after 25 yrs., so now I am using my #4, but finding it too big & hard to load. Are there any good used tanks out there???? Prefer #2 or #3.
Posted:  01 Jul 2011 01:41  
We have several old tanks from Aquamates that are currently "out of service", but we actually use them in our retail greenhouse and in our wholesale shipping department...they are very handy to have around!

You can actually purchase just the tank itself for not very much money...I saw some at Grainger.com for around $200.00 or so recently.  American Granby, which makes the Aquamate, also has a division that makes the tanks for other applications.  They show a 14 gallon pump tank (which is about what the #3 is, I think) for $268.00 that I'm sure can be fitted onto your existing Model #3 frame to replace the dead tank:

http://americangranby.com/Products.aspx#& ...


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