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Posted:  22 Jul 2016 03:20   Last Edited By: Christoffer 
Hello Fellow Planscapers

My company, Spiio, is introducing a brand new subscription based sensor monitoring service for living green walls.

Our service is already up and running at a few very innovative and forward-looking interior plantscapers in both Europe as well as here in the United States. We're very excited to present this to all the professional plantscapers in your community. We are very open to any feedback.

The Sensor:
Our little wireless sensor measures soil moisture, ambient temperature and light and holds battery for 3-5 years. It's flexible in its use, and completely autonomous since it works well on various tray, panel and textile wall designs. We are even able to get quality data in both soil and rockwool based green wall designs.

Some values we’re delivering:
- Reduce maintenance visits by being in remote digital control
- Remove any uncertainty of the performance of your living green walls.
- Perform proactive service. What if you would always know what was going on with you green wall?
  o Catch irrigation irregularities
  o Make informed and better irrigation decisions
  o Document sudden temperature variations
  o Be sure artificial lights turn on/off
- Reach a whole new level of plant data analytics about your walls’ wellbeing by adjusting irrigation levels from season to season.
- Use our data to unsure a more safe and smooth running-in period of your newly installed green walls.
- Tailor and customize notifications to the right plant technicians

The setup is also dead easy and it takes less than 15 minute to setup a 1100 ft2 wall. It could be done as part of the first plantings or done as part of the next forthcoming maintenance visit on existing walls.

Our capacitive sensor method means that there's no corrosion over time, since no metal is exposed. Additionally, our sensor design is resistant to the long-term effects from salts and nutrients in the soil.

A Subscription Model:
And, in case of sensors that stop working for some reason, we'll ship you new ones. That's exactly why we want you to rent the sensors and instead buy the data about your wall. It means that you'll not end up with obsolete, non-functioning hardware - only valuable plant data. We believe that is beneficial for you and for us.

If you have any additional questions, I will be happy to answer them.

You can reach me at [email protected] or on (410) 800-4582.


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