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Posted:  02 Mar 2011 19:27  
I'm so excited, our newly revised "Green Plant Care Tips for Techs" books arrived last night and we are ready to ship these out!  This book has been updated for 2011 with info on new products such as Joey Pouches; quizzes for each chapter; a brand new contemporary cover;and more diagrams and photos.

Many companies are ordering a copy for each tech and at $15 each when you order a pack of 5 it's quite a bargain. Companies are using it for tech meetings and training sessions and it's very easy to read and understand.  Oh, and Cal Poly is using it as a text book in their interior plantcape course.

For more information just go to http://jfaconsultingbiz.com/shop/books-manuals/

Thanks so much,
Kathy Fediw, proud author
Posted:  05 Dec 2011 20:04  
I'm ordering this book this week. I also am researching quality study materials to prep me for the CLT-I certification.

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